Llandudno Surf Lifesavers

Training Sessions


All members are welcome to join training sessions.

Our training concentrates on a number of skills and abilities taking most athletes to another level in body and mind.  While it can be exceptionally hard at times, you are training with the purpose of getting extremely fit, honing your lifesaving skills and strengthening yourself all around, without forgetting our fun sessions.

You do not have to be a top athlete or lifesaver to join these training groups.  We cater for all levels and you will improve dramatically if you attend.  This extra training is non-compulsory, yet recommended if you are planning to take part in competitions.  

TRAINING DAYS ( in season)

All training is on Llandudno beach except where mentioned below.

18 h 00 to 19 h 00

18 h 00 to 19 h 00 Surf ski training 

18 H 00 to 19 h 00

10 h 00 to 12 h 00