Llandudno Surf Lifesavers

Juniors / Seniors / Masters

Dedicated lifeguards on Llandudno Beach

Our volunteer lifeguards patrol Llandudno beach during the summer season. Becoming a lifeguard requires certification, skill, discipline, a high level of fitness and commitment. We offer lifesaving courses and physical training to those passionate about lifesaving. If you are a strong swimmer, aged between 14 – 18 years old, and are keen to join …

What is it about?

It is a big honour to become a lifeguard and comes with great responsibility. Becoming a lifeguard requires skills, discipline, high fitness levels and compassion. Lifeguards start as Junior lifeguards and progress towards becoming Senior lifeguards. There are also Master lifeguards who join lifesaving as adults and are keen to increase their fitness levels, understand the sea at a higher level and compete.

The Lifeguards who wear the yellow and red uniforms and patrol Llandudno Beach are highly skilled. They have passed the stringent Junior Lifeguard Award (JLA) and/or the Lifeguard Award (LA) and have dedicated hundreds of hours to keeping beach goers safe.

At LSLC, Juniors and Seniors are trained by our club instructors, working towards passing these two key lifesaving examinations. Once they complete their training, members are posted onto a duty squad who patrol Llandudno Beach throughout the season.


JUNIOR LIFEGUARDS (14-18 years old)

14-16 years

Many Juniors trained as Nippers before passing the JLA exam to become a Junior lifeguard. To become a Junior Lifeguard when you turn 14, you need to pass the

16-18 years

Please note that once you turn 16 you must do an upgrade to a LA exam or your first LA exam.  This is your responsibility to tell the club instructor your birthdate to


Once you have passed your LA at 16 you don’t have to redo a Senior Lifeguard Award. Although you will need to do annual retests to keep your qualification current.   Here, you automatically move into the Senior category.


Masters are those adults who choose to train when they are over the age of 30.

Many Masters go on to compete nationally and often become lifesaving coaches to the Nippers and Juniors with experience and knowledge to share.