Llandudno Surf Lifesavers

Become a qualified lifeguard


1. Fill out the registration form online

– Check availability for either the JLA/LA Course
– Sign the Indemnity Form and become a member by paying annual subs

2. Pass a swim test

Pool swim of 400 m
JLA 9 minutes
LA 8 minutes

3. Attend a minimum of 90% of the coursev = minimum 24 hours

4. Pass the exam

5. Once you have passed you need to do 20 hours of voluntary duty as a club member


To enable you to keep your lifeguards award in date you have to attend and do the following. This must be done between close of season APRIL and by the end of NOVEMBER.

  1. Attend a refresher held at the club on numerous week ends which will be planned in advance on our social media network. You only need to attend 1 session last about 1 hour.
  2. Once you have been signed off as having done a refresher then your name will go forward for the RE-TEST.
  3. RE-TESTS are done by examiners from WP Lifesaving and take about 2 hours once you have competed your retest then you are qualified for the new season.
  4. These are all done on our beach and are all basically revision of what you should already know.
  5. Anyone who does not do a retest by end of November cannot be a lifeguard for the season. Unless you are prepared to pay for a special retest/ refresher cost around R 1500.
  6. The only exception is if you are overseas or medically unfit then documentation for this needs to be produced to allow you to do your retest after November at no cost. Keep any air ticket or get a doctor’s note.