Llandudno Surf Nippers

What age is Nippers for?

Ages 8 – 14. The nipper age group cut off is 31st September – that determines a Nippers age group.

What age group is my Nipper?
Do I have to live in Llandudno to be a part of the club?

Certainly not – we have members as far flung as Kommetjie or Claremont. Most nippers live in the Hout Bay area.

What if i don’t pass my swim test?

The swim test is a requirement and ensures capability in the water. This is also a valid gauge for our coaches.  The better the swim ability, the more safe and confident a Nipper will feel.

Where do I buy the Nippers Kit?

 Tkey item is a wetsuit which can be bought across Cape Town.  Recommended thickness is 4/3 or 5/3.

T-shirt, Caps, Hoodies etc
We have a team that sell club kit at the clubhouse on most Sundays or by prior arrangement.



When are where does Nipper training sessions take place?

Wednesday –  5.30-7pm (5-6.30pm in winter)
Either Llandudno Beach or Hout Bay Beach depending on the sea conditions

Sunday  – 10 – 12pm
Llandudno Beach



If my child takes a break from training for a season, can we still be members?

We have social memberships and try to be flexible to different family scenarios.

Does my Nipper have to attend every training session?

No – nothing is mandatory and understand families go away and other sports come into play.

How long is a Nipper season?

The core season runs through terms 4 and term 1. We typically also offer winter training in terms 2 and 3.

What events do Nippers complete in?

A range of activities on both beach (long run, sprints, relays and flags) and in the sea (run-swim-run, boogie board for U9-U11’s and Malibu board, individual and relays) . The relays can also be boys and girls mixed which is great fun.

Does my Nipper have to compete in all the competitions?

Not at all, yet we encourage them to.  We appreciate some would rather not , school sport my feature or are simply not ready.  Being a Nipper is a journey and kids have many years to join in when ready.

Do boys and girls compete together?

Only in relay teams.   Yet when training, boys and girls train together, which highlights equality.  Beach flags says same sex.

What are the exams Nipper complete?

There are exams that are standard across SA for each of the three age groups – U10, U12 and U14. A pass at the relevant level is required to compete. The exam has some basic theory regarding beach safety, 1st aid, signals etc and a practical including a run-swim-run

What are some of the other clubs we interact with? Do we travel anywhere?

We complete locally with other lifesaving clubs such as Fishhoek, Clifton, Big Bay, Strand and Milnerton.  Plettenberg Bay attend WC champs and we take on all comers at SA Champs.

Is LSLC a Strong competitive club?

Yes – we have had great success in the last few years, most recently coming 4th at SA Champs and in the top two in the Western Cape Region.  We like to think of it as healthy competition.

Is Nippers all about winning?

No – we want Nippers to become safe in the ocean and to love the ocean.  We find that the more fun we make Nippers, the faster they go and better we do. So we focus on fun!

Does LSLC have a micro Nippers program?

No – as Llandudno be a challenging sea for smaller people.